Titwood Bowling Club

Presidents and Champions

From 2018

Since April 2018 The Club has been fully integrated and has had a single president.

Year President Gentlemen's Champion Ladies' Champion
2020J. Millar
2019C. RatheyG. PeacockA. Casci
2018I.A. LewisC. RatheyMiss L. MacRobert

Presidents and Champions, 1962 - 2017

1962 - 2017

In 1962 a Ladies' section was formed. Both the Gentlemen's section and the Ladies section were headed by a President and there was a Championship for each section.

Presidents and Champions, 1890 - 1961

1890 - 1961

Titwood Bowling Club was established in 1890. A President was elected and gentlemen competed for the championship anually