Titwood Bowling Club

Return to Bowling - Phase 1 (May 2020)

Bowls Scotland has produced guidance for clubs in line with Scottish Government guidance on sport and physical activity.

For Phase 1, we expect that the Scottish Government will confirm on Thursday that play may resume on Friday. This will allow the Greens at Titwood to be open for exercise purposes from Friday 29th May. The board have had a number of conversations in conjunction with Scottish Bowls and following the Scottish Government advice and in readiness for play to resume, but in order to play you must pick up your bowls and shoes and we have arranged that you may do this at your earliest convenience. When you pick up your bowls we will be able to confirm whether play is allowed. If play is allowed then please follow the Bowls Scotland guidance for bowling below.

This allows play by a maximum of four on any one rink (from no more than 2 households) provided the strict guidelines, as set out by Bowls Scotland, are followed. These guidelines can be viewed at https://www.bowlsscotland.com/clubs/club-support-covid-19

On a daily basis (excluding Sunday) the greens will be available for play, in two-hour slots, between the hours of 10am to 8pm.

Please note that these guidelines do not allow for the normal socialising within club grounds. Spectators are not generally permitted.

Health & Safety

Whilst everyone will be delighted to have the club reopen, given the continuing threat from COVID-19, please be in no doubt, that the safety of all members is paramount. To that end:

  • if you are currently shielding, self isolating, or are displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please follow government guidelines and stay at home.
  • If you feel unwell or are suffering from any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (A new, continuous cough, fever, loss of smell or taste) then please do not enter club grounds.
  • If you have any underlying health conditions we strongly urge you to put your own health and safety first and consider staying at home.

Initial collection of Bowls / Shoes

  • It is a condition of opening that the clubhouse remains closed.
  • This means that players are asked to collect bowls and shoes on one-off basis and take them away from the club premises.
  • To collect items from locker/changing rooms (particularly from Friday, 29th May to Sunday, 31st May) please contact a board member.

Booking of Rinks / Preparation for Play

At present we are not asking for bowlers to book rinks, so if all rinks are full please leave the club and return for the next session. We regret that we are unable to accept visitors at this stage.

  • Rinks will be available to members in two-hour slots ------this includes the cleansing of mats and jacks at close of play, so actual playing time should be estimated at no more than 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Members are asked to follow all instructions set out at the club.
  • Mats and jacks will be laid out for use, along with disinfectant product.
  • Greens will be marked with those rinks available - there will be a vacant rink adjacent to play.
  • Members are asked to list names of all players on any rink at any time - a book will be available for this entry. This is crucial for contact tracing purposes, if required.
  • The only equipment available will be mats and jacks. There will be no scoreboards, chalk, pushers, benches, or ashtrays.

During Play

  • The 2m social distancing rule must always be observed on and off the greens
  • Players must bring their own hand sanitiser and use this throughout play.
  • Bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. cloths, measures, etc)
  • Players should not moisten their hands with saliva before delivery
  • Players should not shake hands or have any physical contact with other people on the green other than their immediate household.
  • Do not touch another person's bowls or other equipment unless they are in your household.

After Play

  • Members are asked to ensure that jacks and mats are properly disinfected, then washed, and laid out in the designated areas.
  • All members are asked to vacate the premises after the necessary disinfection of equipment has taken place.
  • All equipment must be removed from the grounds. There will be no opportunity to use the locker rooms during Phase 1.
  • All members are asked to adhere to these conditions to ensure that, as a Club, we can demonstrate to Bowls Scotland, Insurers, and other regulatory authorities that we meet all criteria.

Additional Information

  • There will be ongoing development work at the Club for the next three weeks, so all members are asked to respect the 2m social distancing of any contractor working on site.
  • We sincerely hope that these guidelines will be relaxed further in the coming weeks and months, and that we can all enjoy the usual Titwood social fellowship before long.